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Online Screening.

For foodculture days Biennial 2020/2021 — Chapter 2, they will be presenting an edition of the performance in film, available for screening on FCD website.

Tar For Mortar was originally a performative cooking workshop in which Dasik — a preserved dessert from the 11th century in East Asia — was prepared, serving as a mediator between non-fictional (prehistoric and historic) and fictional (present and futuristic) ideas. To link these two ideas, artists Bin Koh and Sumin Lee repositioned Dasik to the polluted ruins of the aftermath of an anthropogenic climate disaster. In this short film, they imagined cooking Dasik and having a tea ceremony amidst the limited conditions and food shortages such a disaster would entail, following a journey of faded memories and polluted bodies. During the journey, they rediscover food as kinship, fear, respectfulness and horror.

Founded in Holland, 2018. Gastronomy oriented artist collective facilitated by Bin Koh (KR) and Sumin Lee (KR). Starting from traditional methods of Korean kitchens, they twist and warp mundane ingredients into an alien scenery which projects the embodied experience of an Asian woman as displayed in Western society – her silhouette is fetishized; her labor concealed and alienated. In addressing this embodied observation via cooking, they trace the outline of the fantastical and ignorant gaze of “exoticism” within the politics of the body. The ambiguous and inclusive presence of plated food expands the practice to both the exoticized and persecuted – while introspecting power dynamics between the server and the served.


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