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Headwater: On Water extraction.

Special project developed for the Bienniale For foodculture days Biennial 2020/2021 – Chapter 2, the work was developed as a “site-specific” digital project that can be accessed through FCD website.

Water is a central ingredient in the recipe of life. Life’s primordial element, “the cell”, is a fragment of the lifeless oceans of the past, that separated itself from them to exist. However, among the effects of climate change, the rise in temperature undoubtedly impacts the way humans use water, as well as the stability of entire ecosystems. The region of Geneva plays a role in water extractivism, as the Swiss company Nestlé operates from Vevey. Indeed, Nestlé Waters has built a monopoly of the bottled water industry, operating from a country whose power grid highly depends on hydroelectricity. Through the recordings and drawings of “Headwater” digital platform, the Soft Protest Digest tries to unwind the water dispute, whether H2O is seen as a resource for humans or as a milieu for wild species.

Founded in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 2018. Research collective founded by Danish artist and educated farmer Nickie Sigurdsson, with French designers and artists Robin Bantigny and Jérémie Rentien Lando. The collective is using different narratives to test how food culture, in the context of climate change, is created and altered. Calling on the use of fictional traditions, multi-species storytellings, publishing, the landscape and local knowledge; the collective believes that stories create kinship and allies, much needed in a time of environmental breakdown, in order to imagine and realise liveable futures. These means will hopefully dismantle the structural problems related to the current food web.

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