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With Andrea Büttner, Nicolás Mastracchio, Daniel Moldoveanu, Jakeyoung Shim and Christin Rothe.

The only trend that should concern us is the humanitarian crisis: in the frame of AWC’s Issue 20, its office in Berlin-Wedding will be transformed into a space of reflection on desires and consumption where editions by Andrea Büttner and Nicolás Mastracchio, and works by Daniel Moldoveanu, Jakeyoung Shim and Christin Rothe will be presented.

IMG 9100Jakeyoung Shim, Three Faces Lust, Homeland and Diagnose, 2021

What’s the point of organizing an exhibition when bodies are being displaced and murdered at the very border of the EU due to a fascist war taking place in Ukraine? Aware of the limits of individual gestures, joining aesthetics and intentions, the artists will refer to and entail fashion-conscious fineries and the urgency to generate resources to share with the communities affected by the same conflict. Helping towards redistributing wealth accumulated in the arts, AWC will donate 25% of the revenue to Artists at Risk.

photo 2022 03 21 18 13 12Andrea Büttner, It‘s so wonderful..., 2021

For this exhibition AWC commissioned Nicolás Mastracchio with a meditative piece, along with the series Days of Blue featured in Issue 20. The series is a pendulum between abstraction and a critique of the contemporary mode of image production. The piece will stand in dialogue with Daniel Moldoveanu’s Wallpaper with image (Lena Scheutz), which employs aesthetics and vogueish qualities to shape the libidinal mechanism and iconographic sublayers that rule the trends of our capitalist times.

021Daniel Moldoveanu, Wallpaper with image (Lena Scheutz), 2021

Andrea Büttner will show the unreleased edition It's so wonderful..., which, ironically, may tell or question the truth. Carrying the echoes of pandemic survivalism, the artist-run silicon bag producer Christin Rothe will show a selection of their latest creations Trolli Couture, while Jakeyoung Shim will curate poses and apparel for the unapologetic pursuit of one’s own beauty.

5 v2

Christin Rothe with Trolli Couture, Edition for AWC Issue 20, 2022

Banner: Nicolás Mastracchio, Cadences, from the series Days of Blue, 2022



March 31opening 4-9 pm
running through til May 1
on appointment.
Please contact for more information on purchasing the artworks.

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