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Online full ASMR recording, video work and images.

For foodculture days Biennial 2020/2021 — Chapter 2, the full works will be available for listening and screening on FCD website.

Sem a Máscara de Anastacia (2021) is an audio performance in ASMR format, devouring some of the foods that were denied to enslaved people during Brazilian colonial period. Created out of fear of theft of what was already being stolen, the Mask of Flanders, popularly known as the Mask of Anastacia, was a kind of mask, manufactured with tinplate used during slavery in Brazil to prevent slaves from eating produce from the plantations or drinking anything. It was also a form of censorship or denial of speech and enunciation. Anastacia was a Black woman, sentenced to wear an iron mask for life, which was only removed by her owner for feeding. Today, without Anastácia’s mask, the artist devours colonization, recovering the right to what is hers, what she eats and how she eats it.

Pindorama, terra das Palmeiras (2020) is a video provocation to think about the past as a description of what is to come, imagining the land of Pindorama — now called Brazil — if it had not been invaded by Europeans. Tired (but only a little) of pointing out all that was stolen from it following the European invasion, Zahra Alencar uses irony, diaspora and fiction as a weapon of war, creating a place that once existed, but where the theft of food and identities has never been or will never be effective. Thanks to food and symbols from her native land and with her body free of catechization and Christian morality,

Zahra Alencar offers an imaginary look at a place — Pindorama — without Whites. Born in Fortaleza (Brazil), 1985. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Artist and hairdresser, in addition to hair and heads, she uses her Black body as a political instrument. In view of redistributing violence and organizing rage, she uses mockery to point out historical inconsistencies and injustices. She has been part of Coletivo Cabeças since 2017, a trans, dyke and non-binary group of people handling a non-normative beauty salon. In 2019, she participated in a residency at Inland Campo Adentro in Madrid, with the Universidad Desconocida. She also performed in Lausanne at Le Bourg during the Manicure Show evening, and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ceará, Brazil.


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