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Weserhalle is a space for art, sustainable engagement, social interaction, care and active discourse, nestled within our Neukölln neighbourhood. We produce, host and collaborate on a range of formats such as exhibitions, lectures, performances, screenings, conversations and working groups.


Weserhalle’s purpose is to create a space for artistic expression, conversation, learning and engagement. Through our various formats and by showcasing local and emerging artists, we seek to establish a dialogue and cultural exchange within the neighbourhood and the wider Neukölln/Berlin community.

By exploring alternative modes of cultural production, artistic expression, discourse and connection we aim to question prevailing modes of practice within the art world, which are characterized by precarity, lack of accessibility and a constant risk of capitalist subsumption. Instead we seek to foster networks of mutual care and creative exchange within our neighbourhood and beyond. We strive to position ourselves as a recognisable, positive force in the (creative) community, creating meaningful exchange and connection for all involved.

Weserhalle aims to:
– Build long-lasting networks based on cultural discourse and care.
– Engage in sustainable exchange with the neighbourhood.
– Foster collaboration, conversation and discourse.
– Compensate everyone fairly.
– Ensure accessibility to the space and its programming.
– Cultivate cultural equity.
– Promote local and emerging artists and their work.


Weserhalle is located in one of Berlin’s fastest gentrifying neighbourhoods. Long-established residents and businesses are at threat of being priced out of the area; as a young cultural space we understand our own complicity in this process. We regard it as our duty to remain conscious of our position within the neighbourhood, to ensure accessibility and to actively engage with the community. Through our programming, we aim to foster an exchange between neighbours, cultural producers and our audience. In order to root ourselves locally and give back to the community, we focus on local artists and aim to establish active forms of exchange with the neighbourhood, through formats of hospitality and (skill-)sharing. In addition we seek out collaboration with other local spaces and initiatives and invite people, including people with less represented or marginalised backgrounds, to contribute to our curation and programming, diversifying the voices and perspectives represented at Weserhalle.

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