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The program will develop a dialogue between magic, rituals and artistic practices while continuously exploring the creative potential of interdependency and care.

Rupert is pleased to announce the open call for the 10 th edition of the Alternative Education Programme, which will take place between 1 June and 30 November, 2022.

The deadline for applications is 17 April, 23:59 (EEST). 

Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme combines education and professional development with community of practice. It aims to help emerging artists, curators, writers, thinkers, researchers and critics develop their practice in the framework of formal and informal exchanges between themselves, tutors and the public. The programme expands academic discourse and seeks to nurture alternative modes of knowledge sharing. It explores the interactions between different fields in the pursuit of more sustainable and resilient futures. The programme maintains a close relationship between theory and artistic practice while recognising the importance of the ineffable, intuitive and numinous.

The 10 th edition of the Alternative Education Programme will develop a dialogue between magic, rituals and artistic practices while continuously exploring the creative potential of interdependency and care. By acknowledging the complexities and uncertainties of the contemporary world, the programme fosters affirming and long-lasting networks between its participants, curators and the institution. The juxtaposition of critical inquiry and magical thinking will function as a malleable framework that will provide participants with the tools to develop their practice and think along more-than-human worlds. The programme will be developed through a series of lectures, workshops and field trips during the course of six months. The programme will be concluded with a final event in Vilnius and a publication—the Alternative Education Reader—which will include entries by the programme’s participants and tutors.

The tutors of the 10 th education of the Alternative Education Programme will be announced soon.

Each year, Rupert invites local and international tutors who offer a unique methodological approach and provide curatorial support for the participants. The Alternative Education Programme is actively shaped by the close interaction between participants and tutors, providing opportunities to directly impact the educational framework of the programme. The participants have a chance to engage with Rupert’s vibrant creative community—our residents, speakers, guests—and have access to the network of the institution.  Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme is free and open for all, regardless of their background or current practice. While the programme should be the participants’ priority, it is conceived to be compatible with other engagements, such as studies or work. Selected
participants are expected to be based in Vilnius for the duration of the programme.

The 10 th edition is curated by Tautvydas Urbelis. 
Rupert’s activities are supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.
Partners: Vilnius Art Academy (Lithuania), Vilnius Tech (Lithuania), Žeimiai Manor / Aikas
Žado Laboratory (Lithuania), Kai (Estonia), Notam (Norway), Verpėjos (Lithuania).
Sponsors: Vilnius City Municipality (Lithuania), Nordic Culture Point (Finland), Tech Arts

Each applicant is required to propose a project that they will develop during the programme. Projects’ relation to the theme of magic and rituals will be considered as an advantage during the selection process, albeit not a decisive one. 

The deadline for applications is  17 April, 23:59 (EEST). Rupert acknowledges the limitations of existing application formats and wishes to offer a more inclusive approach. If you are unable to complete some of the required fields or need
any assistance, please email us at

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