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In the frame of "Listening to the Future" the discursive format of the Bundeskunsthalle.

Artist Henrike Naumann, writer Ankle Stelling and sociologist Andreas Reckwitz in conversation with Kolja Reichert.

In the setting of an installation by Henrike Naumann

Digitalization has taken the argument about what is culturally valuable out of museums and into everyday life. Everyone evaluates each other, everyone is artist, critic and work. Some assert themselves through original life designs, others defend their supposedly authentic roots. But if everything and everyone can become a cultural asset: What then is the role of the work of art?
A conversation about the changing dynamics of social value formation, the hidden class struggle through culture, and the connection between culture and populism.

Using furniture from Ebay Kleinanzeigen, Henrike Naumann explores German psychogeographies after 1989. Anke Stelling's novels expose the life lie of self-realization. And Andreas Reckwitz's "Society of Singularities" is a cultural theory that explains the rise of populism in terms of the growing importance of culture.

KULTUR UND KLASSENKAMPF is the second installment of the thematic cycle THE COMMON GROUND on the relationship between culture and society, which opened on May 12 at the Bundeskanzlerbungalow. This time STUDIO BONN is a guest in the installation "Ostalgie" by artist Henrike Naumann in the exhibition "Diversity United" in Berlin.

Watch the conversation HERE

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