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A playlist made with what remains between the words

"Oxalá o carnaval aconteça, oxalá
Oxalá o povo nunca se esqueça"
- Madredeus

You can’t write hopelessness without hope. This playlist is made with what remains in between the words. Try to subtract them and we’re left with lessness - A suffix free of hope, free to cling itself to the next idea as it fulfils its destiny, to meet its mirror image emptiness. As we’re just getting comfortable with impermanence, terror assumes old forms to remind us that breathing is a privilege. That running out of air is an emotional issue. That the end is not near. As the marching band pulls us back to the parade, to the make-believe of the new normal, madness creeps around the corner. This playlist is made of lessness. It should say that breathing is a privilege, that to not take it for granted is to be aware of it. It should say that tension masks sensation. It should say that sense of self is just a sense. It should say that to exist is to lean on. It should say that slowing down is not a matter of pace. It should say that on the other side of fear and loss lies possibility and progress. It should say that to remember is to not forget. It should say that you can’t write hopelessness without hope.

Written by H.A




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