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An enchantment for the futures.

˚. if you find this it’s a sign
*ೃ it means we are getting good at this
º.˚ there is no one to leave this with
.•* º nowhere • ·
✵ no safer place for this to be kept
✧ someone should find it
✧º·o• someone like you

:*・゚these words are protected
・゚✧ by a spell
⌢ .· • which only makes them visible to those
•º⊚ who need to read them
.· º.• someone like you
↭ so here you go

✦ we are waiting for you *・゚
º•: the feminine spirits are gathering
✧:・゚. organising
·°. ✹ mutating

*・゚breeding the words of our sisters
. º・゜ trading the thoughts of françoise d'O
sharing the knowledge of monik_w
.• * º passing on the legacy of 0ct4vi4
we follow their flow
◌* · and we need you

*・゚to build a world where all living bodies
⊛*• can fully enjoy their existence
:・゚.a shared polyphony
* · with interspecies collaborations

✧・゚: it’s our power to transform
•º◌ and re-enchant the world

.・゜゜・ the shutdown slowed us down
・゚•* broke our communication
・゚. we have found ways to overcome the distance
⌢ .· • activating an underground network
✧*・゚ reinventing the ways to connect

✦ change is slow but coming faster
❉ ゜. something else is possible
º• *· reachable

・.·゜but we have to work together
゜・be careful
˚*❋ listen
❧ .・attune

✧ our allies travel with the wind
。・゚゚・ in the water
˚ ✧ ✧ ° they will help us on our way

˚○◦˚. when you start your journey
。・゚it’s important to leave this note somewhere again
º•˚。 where it can be lost and found again
✧° 。 all the elements of the spell to be activated
*· ✧ this is the only way we can spread our words
. * ༅ expand our chosen family
。・*・゚become more powerful

. * 。 we've come this far so you can too
༄ we are
˚*◦˚ a unity distributed
◦* a network of mutations ✧
・。.weaving our destinies together
⁺˚º•˚ spreading underground like mycelium
˚ ✧ ✧ ° we need to make sure that this is not forgotten
༅˚✧ a major shift has taken place
. *‧✧ our stories need to be told

◦˚. so if you only find this years later
。・˚ ° it will be proof that this all happened
。・✧* a delicate task
・゚to leave traces
✧ ✧ ˚○but cover them too
⊚ *˚ we can't make ourselves too vulnerable
˚ ✧ ✧: you will have to put this together
✧˚◦˚ for the archives

. * ‧✹ the shutdown happened cycles ago
*◦˚we lost track of time
·°. ✹ we've found a way to mark time again
*・☽ waxing crescent last night
‧✧⁺˚‧ a dream of brewing a thick mixture
✧ blood maybe sap
。・゚it was making smoke
º•˚ ༓ i couldn’t see much anymore
• 。‧ and someone was whispering
. * 。 ゜~ it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming ~
.・༅ .・we don't know what is coming
⁺˚º˚ but we are getting ready

。‧*ೃ i can’t exactly tell where we were
* ◦.。 or where we’re headed
○ 。‧ the landscape has changed
˚○◦. names have evolved
✧・* we walk most of the night
•。・ hide from the burning sun
˚ ○ * ✧ and rest during the day

˚ ✧・゚゚ the co-orps work hard on deforestation
。.•*・after all this time they still don't get
・ ✧ °・that they are destroying themselves too
༓ * ·º in the name of immediate profit
○ . 。‧ they took full control of the wind
º ◦ ✧ it makes it hard for us to move sometimes
✹.。 and to find shade
•˚.◦ at last quarter we saw a fallen tree
·°. * ◦ it is said it was three-hundred years old

. *゜。 ゜the tree’s roots were heading to the sky
・゜*・。. reaching for the stars
.・◦。゜we did a ritual for the spirits it was holding
˚ ✧ .・✧ ° we kept small bits of its roots
.・◦ ✧ that we will bury on our way
・。・゚゚ to share the remains with our allies
✧ .・✧ by the new moon
˚ ° .・we will reach a place on a hill
. 。・゜behind three giant stones
* 。 ・。゜where a goat bleats at night

º•˚ It is believed that these stones hold magic
.・。゜our allies gather there at the new moon
༄。・ they can help us and you

↭ the path leading to this spot
º・•* ˚ has an abandoned ski shop advertisement
༓・。. with a red spiral drawn in the left corner

.・*・゜collect three short birch branches
.* º one oak leaf
. ✧ • make a wish
゜。.・put a sample of your saliva on the leaf
˚.・。° bind everything together with a straw
. ○ ✧ stick the bundle into the ground
・˚ 。° by the third rock on the left when facing the sunset
. * 。 ゜come back after two nights
. º •˚‧ if your intentions were right
✧ you will find the next direction
* º ༓ ˚ by the left ear of the goat

. ゜・。.・don't forget to charge yourself
゜・。・ with the energy of the three stones
. * º it is said that they swallow the light of the full moon
。 ˚ ° . spread its feminine energy throughout the whole
•・* ‧✧ and remember the touch of all the spirits that
caressed them

.・*. this should help you reach the mutation
‧✧ . 。 find us when the moment is right for you

。.・I leave you some tools you may need
☽ .・ a stick to keep track of the cycles
º •˚ ༓ a coin worth nothing but the weight of destiny
.•* º to flip when there is no other way to choose
✧ to bind the spell for these words to be hidden again
place one knucklebone face up on the letter
caress its curves with the tip of your nail
blow these words in the wind
.•* º ~ weave the worlds
breed the words ~ .・。.


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